Fun-Filled Pool Activities for Children!

Children learn best while having fun, so why not create some games in the pool to encourage your child to swim? Playing allows a child to learn about his environment and develop new creative ideas. Through exploration, a child is able to practice the skills necessary for critical thinking. [...]

Why It’s Important for Children to Have Good Muscle Tone

Importance of Muscles Muscle tone determines a child's performance in sports. Children with low muscle tone often have problems balancing and may fall because there are not enough muscles to expand and contract to maintain equilibrium. Helping your child to gain good muscle tone not only enhances balance and agility, [...]

Toddler Swimming – How to Comfort Them and be Confident in Water

How to Teach Toddlers To Swim If you are interested in getting your 2 to 5-year-old child into toddler swimming lessons, there are a few things you should know in order to help comfort them and gain confidence in water. You may read our article on why your child [...]

How to be a certified swimming instructor in Singapore

This page is outdated. Please follow this guide on How to be a swimming instructor in Singapore. Being a swimming coach in Singapore is not easy, especially in public pools. Singapore Sports Council controls all the public swimming pool in Singapore and they have set a rule that [...]

5 Steps of Baby Swimming – How it Should be Done

Can I Teach My Own Baby To Swim? If you are looking to teach your infant age 2 or below how to swim, you need to know the 5 steps of baby swimming to ensure it is a safe, fun experience for both of you. After all, introducing your [...]

5 Reasons to Teach Your Toddler Swimming On Your Own

5 Reasons to Teach Your Toddler Swimming On Your Own Your child can begin the process of learning how to swim at a very young age. It is very important that your child learn how to swim. Not only can the entire family have fun at the lake or water [...]

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