Experienced And Professional Swimming Instructors in Singapore

We produce the most caring and passionate swimming instructor to impart swimming knowledge to students of all ages.

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Full-time Coaches, Full-time Safety

Over the years, we have been recruiting passionate coaches and improving our teaching methods. We give our utmost support for our coaches, and we make sure that they enjoy teaching in our classes.

Today, we have more than 10 committed coaches teaching in our Flagship Classes. All of them are full-time coaches who are trained to bring the best experience to you and your kids.

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What is Flagship Class?

Flagship Class conducted by our own coaches, and we only have classes at Yishun and Sengkang Swimming Complex!

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Swimming Lesson

Coach Freddie, 1985
Coach Freddie, 1985Teaching Since 2004
Coach Ryan, 1970
Coach Ryan, 1970Teaching Since 2007
Coach Lucas, 1986
Coach Lucas, 1986Teaching Since 2011
Coach Jeckson, 1983
Coach Jeckson, 1983Teaching Since 2012
Coach Ong, 1958
Coach Ong, 1958Teaching Since 1980s
Coach Lawrence, 1955
Coach Lawrence, 1955Teaching Since 1970s
Coach Chong, 1956
Coach Chong, 1956Teaching Since 1970s
Coach Chun Kang, 1992
Coach Chun Kang, 1992Teaching Since 2004
Coach Zhen Hao, 1987
Coach Zhen Hao, 1987Teaching Since 2006
Coach Yongquan, 1993
Coach Yongquan, 1993Teaching Since 2015

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