How To Be A Swimming Coach in Singapore

Do you aspire to be a swimming instructor? Or do you want to change your working environment? Train to be a swimming instructor, and be your own boss!

National Registry of Coaches (NROC)

The NROC was created in 2003 as there was a need to raise the standard and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore. This serves to ensure that all coaches possess a minimum technical qualification, and also to ensure that all practicing coaches continue to improve.

I Am An NROC Coach!

If you have just recently passed and registered with NROC, you may be wondering where to start. Similar to starting any business, the first step is to get your customer. You may consider joining our team of coaches to be an instructor and we will guide you through all the techniques of teaching.

With all that experience, join us as a network of affiliated swim school! We currently have 100+ swim school affiliated with us. We help swim schools get recognition and help increase the number of students.

Requirements to Register as a Swimming Coach with NROC

1. SG COACH Certification either

(i) SG Coach Level 1 Integrated Programme for Swimming or
(ii) SG Coach Level 1 Theory & Technical
Estimated fee: $856
Register at TeachSSA website
Min age: 18years old

2. Lifesaving 1 Award course
Estimated fee: $360
Register for Lifesaving 123 Express course

3. Basic Sports Science
Estimated fee: $188 for Singaporeans (Full fee: $353)
Register at Republic Polytechnic website
Min age: 18years old

4. Standard First Aid with AED certification
Estimated fee: $214
Register at Singapore First Aid Training Centre

Join Our Team!

Interested to be a swimming instructor? Join us today and we’ll make sure you learn how to enjoy teaching!