Swimming Lessons For Kids in Singapore

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Group Class

from $80 per lesson

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Private Class

from $25 per lesson

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Kids Group Swimming Classes

Our swimming classes are ongoing weekly, allowing you to fit the swimming lessons into your child’s schedule. Just like any tuition class, your child will follow the same group of friends to learn swimming every lesson.

SwimSafer Programme

At Singapore Swimming Academy, all classes will follow the SwimSafer programme which is approved by the Sport Singapore. Our swimming classes are designed with their strict criteria in mind.

As the student progress and are able to perform certain swimming strokes, they will be sent for the SwimSafer proficiency test. They get achieve a SwimSafer certificate each time they pass a test. These SwimSafer certificates are accepted by all schools in Singapore.

Class Venues

Swimming lessons are conducted in all public pools in Singapore.

Please note that most classes are held on Weekdays 5pm – 8pm and Weekends 9am – 7pm

Kids Group Class Fees

only $80 per month

Group Class – Free Registration!

Private Lessons

Some kids might require private lessons due to their busy school schedule, or if you want to learn in your own estate (condominium/landed). Also, it is very common that some kids are unable to focus and progress in a usual group class setting. For such cases, private lessons will be more effective.

Kids Private Lesson Fees


for 1 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • $280/student ($70/lesson)
  • 45min lesson

Group of 2

for 2 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • $160/student ($40/lesson)
  • 45min lesson

Group of 3

for 3 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • $120/student ($30/lesson)
  • 45min lesson

Group of 4

for 4 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • $100/student ($25/lesson)
  • 45min lesson
Private lessons – Free Registration!


My child learns swimming at Yishun Swimming Complex and he really loves Coach Lawrence! I’ve recommended him to all our relatives.
Lim Zhe Ming (7yo) Dad, Yishun Pool
Coach Ryan is really patient and wears a smile on his face all the time. My child is happy to learn from him!
Ariel (7yo) Mum, Sengkang pool
My son was afraid of water and would always cry when we bring him to the pool. Coach Lucas was able to coax him slowly and he started learning through play!
Raymond (6yo) Mum, Bedok pool
Issac is very playful and usually mischievous, but I’m surprised that Coach Zhen Hao was able to control him well and use his energy for swimming instead!
Issac (10yo) Dad, Yishun Pool