Explore Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex

Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex is located inside Bukit Canberra Integrated Sport and Community Hub. Housed together with other amenities such as a hawker centre, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, a polyclinic, a senior care centre, green spaces for community farming and lifestyle related amenities for the community within a lush and naturalistic environment.

Just like all other swimming pools in Singapore, Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex will have a 50m lap pool which is important for regular swimmers to have their daily fix of workout. Swimming lessons are also taught in this pool of all levels. Kids just love how deep this pool is, diving to the depth of 2.2meters.

Come explore Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex today!

Kids Swimming Lessons in Bukit Canberra

SwimSafer Programme for Kids

Children aged 5 years old and above are welcome to join our classes in Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex.

We adopt the SwimSafer Programme, tailored to help children gain confidence in the water, and develop their swimming skills in a fun and exciting way.

Bring your children to the pool and let us do the rest!

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Where is the pool?

Address: 21 Canberra Link, Singapore 752350

What do the pools have?

  • Six-lane sheltered swimming pool
  • Eight-lane 50 meters lap pool
  • Wading pool
  • Kids water playground

When is it open?

The pool is currently under construction.

Estimated to open at the end of 2023

How to enter and have fun?

Standard rate (Foreigners)

Mon – Fri Sat & Sun
$1.30 $1.70

Singapore Citizen / Permenant Residents

Mon – Fri Sat & Sun
Child $0.50 $0.60
Adult $1.00 $1.30
Seniors $0.50 $0.60

Public holidays will follow weekend charges.

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Kids Swimming Lessons

Adults Swimming Lessons

Our kids were learning so well! I’m so happy my kids had such a great experience and the swimming coaches were so patient and fun.

Tan Wei Sheng, Dad of 7 & 9 years old boys

I was a little nervous about my daughter’s swimming lesson, but the coaches were so patient and fun! My daughter loved it and I got to talk with her instructor about her progress. My daughter even said, “I love swimming because I’m not afraid of water anymore.”

Sandra Lau, Mum of 6 year old girl

Adult Swimming Lessons in Sembawang

Are you nervous about swimming? Have you always wished that you could swim?

Our team of experienced coaches will guide you through the lessons, which will focus on your swimming basics, including breathing and kicking technique, as well as moving through the water with ease.


Registration process for swimming

Group Class

from $240per course
  • 45 mins lesson
  • Fixed Weekly Class
  • 8 sessions

The best part about my swim lessons were that I wasn’t forced to do something I didn’t want to do, but instead I was encouraged to do what i wanted to. My coaches were so patient and fun!

Low Wen Xuan, 33 years old