How To Choose A Swimming Instructor

The decision to sign up your child for swimming lessons is probably one of the best recreational activities you could choose for them to participate in. Swimming has many great physical benefits, and being in a class setting to learn how to swim has many social advantages as well.

Here are the top 5 qualities we look for in a swimming instructor.

1. Fun yet responsible

Children do not learn a new skill from someone who cannot relate to children. Because of this fact, this is one of the qualities to look for in a swimming instructor. Along with being fun, the instructor must have a high level of responsibility to ensure the safety of your child in the water.

2. Professional

While swimming instructors should certainly be friendly and lighthearted for the children, they should be professional in the way they deal with the parents of the children. Any enquiries you have should be answered politely and with understanding. Without this important quality in a swimming instructor, you may regret your decision to have them teach your child.

3. Disciplined yet kind

Water safety and new swimming skills are taught through proper education and discipline, not with trauma. Therefore, some qualities to look for in a swimming instructor include those that show they are willing to drill a certain skill until the class gets it, but they will be kind in the process to avoid traumatizing your child. Trust is a huge issue with swimming, so the instructor should have this quality.

4. Patient

Teachers who have a big ego and expect the children to perform up to their level are not the kind of instructors you want teaching your child. They should never show off but encourage and praise the children in the class when they do something right while gently helping them along when they are struggling with a certain concept.

5. Lack of favoritism

In any kind of class situation, some students may excel more quickly which can turn them into a teacher’s favorite student. This may be inevitable, but it should never be displayed for the class to see. This is one of the qualities to look for in a swimming instructor to keep your child from getting down on themselves at lessons.

Your Feedback

Your child should look forward to swimming lessons each time they are held, and these qualities to look for in a swimming instructor will help this become a reality. There is only how much we can do, and the most important part is still your feedback on our instructors!