Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4:
T-shirt & shorts

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3

  • Stage 4 Bronze

At this stage, students are only required to wear T-shirt and shorts.

You can wear your usual home t-shirt and shorts.

Some clothing are hard to take off when it is wet. This can get the student frustrated while trying to remove. We highly recommend buying these clothing which are meant for swimming. Set aside this set of T-shirt and shorts as part of their swimming kit.

Stage 5 & 6:
T-shirt & long pants

  • Stage 5 Silver

  • Stage 6 Gold

Long clothing are deliberately used to weigh down the students and make swimming harder. In such conditions, students will learn to conserve their energy and continue swimming to meet the goal. Finally, students will learn how to make a buoyancy aid using their pants.

It is important to get the right pants for it to inflate like a balloon easily. Some pants just do not inflate as the air escapes from the tiny pores through the pants.