Being a swimming coach in Singapore is not easy, especially in public pools. Singapore Sports Council controls all the public swimming pool in Singapore and they have set a rule that all instructors who wants to teach swimming in their pool must at least have a valid license.

The License

In order to obtain a valid license, one must go through the NCAP Swimming Coaching Level 1. In this course, you will learn the basic fundmentals of coaching in particular to lesson planning, class organisational skills, water safety, and teaching of swim strokes etc.

The Criteria

Now, this is the part which takes a bit of time before you can actually go through NCAP Swimming Coaching Level 1.

  • 1) Possess a valid Lifesaving 1, 2 & 3 Certificate OR a Bronze Medallion Cert.
  • 2) Possess a valid CPR Certificate OR a recognised Standard First Aid Cert.
  • 3) Possess NCAP Level 1 Theory Certificate
  • 4) Age limit: 18 years & above as on 1st January of the year of intake

Before the applicants are allowed into the course, they must pass the Skills Test. The Skills Test requires the applicants to swim 4 mandatory strokes: Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Butterfly & Backstroke

Only the Top 40 applicants who pass the Skills Test will be accepted into the course.


All instructors who pass the NCAP Swimming Coaching Level 1 will also need to adopt the SwimSafer Programme in order to keep their license valid.


All information above are extracted from Singapore Swimming Association