Group Class

from $240 per course

Private Class

from $350 for 4 lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

There are still many adults who are unable to swim, usually because their parents did not send them for kids swimming classes when they are young. As you get older and start building up your career, the goal of being able to swim becomes even further

Some wants to pick up swimming for scuba diving, kayaking or other sports. The most common one is because they want to enjoy the swimming pool in their condominium!

Whatever the reason, you are most likely wondering between the 2 types of classes we offer, which will more suitable for you?

Below, you can read up the difference between Adult Group Classes and Adult Private Lessons.

Adult Group Classes

Join other adults to learn swimming together, who might want to learn swimming for the same reason. You will be able to interact with other peers in your class. Our coach will still teach you individually based on your own progress.

A group class is more suitable for you if you are aquaphobic. You will be able to overcome your fear slowly as you explore your breathing technique in the water.

  • 15 years old onwards
  • 45mins per lesson

  • Mixed gender class

What Will You Learn?

The basic styles are taught in our beginner class.

  • Frontcrawl (freestyle)
  • Breaststroke (frogstyle)

Your coach will assess and teach you the style which can get you to start swimming faster. However, you may still highlight to your coach which style you prefer to learn first.


I used to be very afraid of water, but Coach Aaron was very patient with me. Now I’m proud to be able to swim laps at the deep pool!
Amy Goh, 23

I Want To Learn Butterfly!

Awesome! This means that you are pretty advanced and you want to progress on to further techniques such as treading water, butterfly style or backstroke. At this stage, you have to look into Adult Private Lessons as we will need to customise the lesson just for you.

Class Venues

Adult group classes are held at most public pools in Singapore. Please note that most of our classes are held on Weekdays 5pm – 8pm and Weekends 9am – 7pm

Adult Group Class Fees

only from $240 per course (U.P. $260)

8 consecutive weekly class

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Adult Private Lessons

Some students can only learn swimming at odd timings e.g. Weekdays afternoon, and we will not have group classes at that timing. Your busy schedule might also not allow you to join our group class, so why not take up private lessons.

On your first lesson, highlight to your coach what you might want to achieve at the end of the lessons. Our coach will try their best to make your learning as comfortable as possible.

  • 15 years old onwards

  • 45 mins per lesson
  • Customised Lesson

Adult Private Lesson Fees


for 1 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 2 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 3 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 4 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson

from only $29 per lesson

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