Kids Group Swimming Class

We understand the busy schedules of families and children, so our swimming lessons for kids run on a flexible weekly schedule. This makes it easy for you to fit the swimming lessons into your child’s timetable, ensuring they never miss out on the fun and learning.

In our kids group swimming class, every child gets a chance to learn, grow, and most importantly, enjoy the wonderful world of swimming. Join us for an unforgettable aquatic adventure!

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Kids Group Class

$120 per month

Now $100 per month

SwimSafer Programme

At Singapore Swimming Academy, all classes will follow the SwimSafer programme which is approved by the Sport Singapore. Our swimming classes are designed with their strict criteria in mind.

The classes are structured around interactive and child-friendly teaching techniques. Our instructors are skilled in teaching the basics of swimming in an engaging manner, using games and activities to impart important skills such as floatation, breathing techniques, and eventually, different swimming strokes.

As the student progress and are able to perform certain swimming strokes, they will be sent for the SwimSafer proficiency test. They get achieve a SwimSafer certificate each time they pass a test. These SwimSafer certificates are accepted by all schools in Singapore.

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Instructors

Classes are led by certified and experienced instructors who are passionate about imparting their knowledge and love for swimming. They provide personal attention to each swimmer, ensuring that individuals understand and master the techniques at their own pace. The teaching approach is a blend of practical demonstrations, individual practice, and constructive feedback, all aimed at creating a positive and conducive learning environment.

SwimSafer Programme: Safety First

An integral part of the swimming lessons for kids is the SwimSafer programme. This national water safety initiative is designed to equip swimmers with essential water survival skills and knowledge about water safety, in addition to teaching swimming techniques. It’s a comprehensive programme that not only enhances swimmers’ abilities but also instills confidence and safety awareness.

What Can You Expect?

Building Confidence in the Water

A core goal of these classes is to help kids build their confidence in the water. With the guidance and support of our experienced instructors, each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace, gradually becoming comfortable and proficient in the water.

Flexible Scheduling for All

Swimming lessons for kids are scheduled throughout the week, providing flexible options to accommodate the diverse schedules of students, working professionals, and families. With dedicated instructors, and a strong emphasis on safety, we provide a comprehensive, enjoyable, and enriching aquatic education experience.

Classes for Young Swimmers

For younger swimmers, swimming lessons for kids are designed to be fun and engaging, incorporating games and playful activities to help them become comfortable in the water. As they progress, they’ll be introduced to different swimming strokes – freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly – as well as diving and treading water.

Private Swimming Lessons For Kids

Private lessons may be necessary for children with busy school schedules or those who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own homes, be it in a public swimming complex, condominium or a landed property.

Additionally, some kids struggle to concentrate and make progress in a typical group class environment. In these situations, opting for private swimming lessons for kids can prove to be more beneficial and effective.

Kids Private Class

Kids Private Lesson Fees


$350 per month

4 lessons package
45min lesson


$390 per month

4 lessons package
45min lesson


$430 per month

4 lessons package
45min lesson


$470 per month

4 lessons package
45min lesson

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My child learns swimming at Yishun Swimming Complex and he really loves Coach Lawrence! I’ve recommended him to all our relatives.
Lim Zhe Ming (7yo) Dad, Yishun Pool
Coach Ryan is really patient and wears a smile on his face all the time. My child is happy to learn from him!
Ariel (7yo) Mum, Sengkang pool
My son was afraid of water and would always cry when we bring him to the pool. Coach Lucas was able to coax him slowly and he started learning through play!
Raymond (6yo) Mum, Bedok pool
Issac is very playful and usually mischievous, but I’m surprised that Coach Zhen Hao was able to control him well and use his energy for swimming instead!
Issac (10yo) Dad, Yishun Pool