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Flagship Classes

To bring you and your child the best experience, we have our Flagship classes, conducted by our own coaches.We currently have the Flagship Classes available only at Bukit Canberra, Yishun and Sengkang Swimming Complex.

Best Experience Guaranteed!

In our Flagship Class, we make sure your child is well taken care of. We are aware that a swimming pool is a totally new environment for some kids and they are not yet comfortable. On top of them, they have to be left alone without being beside their parents.

With that in mind, we make sure that the child can learn at their own pace and enjoy themselves while too!

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Kids Group Class

$120 per month

Now $100 per month

The Beginners

In our structured swim classes, students are categorised according to their swimming abilities. From those who have yet to dip a toe in the water, to those already familiar with the sensation of submerging, all are welcomed into our beginner class. As each student’s skills enhance, they are subsequently transitioned into a class that better suits their level of proficiency.

Every student embarks on their swimming journey by learning the breaststroke, affectionately referred to in our academy as the ‘frog style’. Mastering this style can take some time, but our expert coaches and a range of innovative learning aids are available to make this process more comfortable and enjoyable.

To progress and be prepared for the SwimSafer Stage 1, students must demonstrate proficiency in the Survival Backstroke and Breaststroke, which includes the ability to cover a minimum distance of 10 meters. This foundational skill set forms the building blocks of their swimming journey, ensuring a confident, secure, and progressive learning experience.

SwimSafer Programme

The SwimSafer program is based on a set of six stages, each with its own set of skills and learning objectives. These stages are designed to help students develop a strong foundation in basic swimming skills, such as floating, gliding, and kicking, as well as more advanced techniques for competitive strokes such as front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly.

One of the key benefits of SwimSafer is that it provides a clear and structured path for students to follow as they progress through the different stages. This can help them to stay motivated and focused on their swimming goals, as they can see the progress they are making and the skills they are acquiring at each stage.

In addition, SwimSafer also emphasises water safety and provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in and around water. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and drowning, and can give students and their parents peace of mind when swimming.

Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA)

This award is what all students are training for, to get an official timing for their swimming at a set distance. During their swimming lessons, most students will start training for their timing at SwimSafer Silver on a weekly basis. By the time they get to SwimSafer Gold, swimming 50m below the timing is more than achievable. Most students are enthusiastic to break their own personal record.

In Singapore Swimming Academy, once the student pass SwimSafer Gold, they will change to a red swimming cap. Getting their Red Cap is a mark of a true swimmer.

Keith Tan
Keith Tan
We are enjoying swimming lessons with Singapore Swimming Academy. Coach Jordan who teaches my son is very patient and funny guy. My son has been improving a lot since learning here. He used to feel unsecure when play in water, now he feels very confident and love swimming.
Nur Fiza
Nur Fiza
Our 9 yr old is currently a student since 2023. From enrolment process and classes with the coach, smooth process & transition. Coaches are professional and knows well how to handle the children. SSA are flexible with the class timings if there is a need to change. Thank you for yr dedication & support!
So glad that our boy is enjoying his swim class with SSA, he was afraid of water initially. His coaches are extremely encouraging and interacted well with kids, making it fun for him while learning. Will strongly recommend anyone to SSA 😊
Bernie Kuah
Bernie Kuah
Coaches are patient. Most importantly my son is not afraid of water and he truely enjoys swimming now. Always looking forward for his swimming lesson.
Norida Saidi
Norida Saidi
I have 3 kids joining them last year and they enjoy it very much. They are now braver when facing water and able to swim independently.
Linda Chow
Linda Chow
Kids really enjoy their swim during lessons
Angelyne Tan
Angelyne Tan
Highly recommended! Thanks Coach Ken & Coach Lawrence for the patience teaching. My boy always looking forward for his swimming lesson
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan
Ryan had been learning with SSA for the past 2 years and his progress is evident. Thumbs up.
Sow Wan Chan
Sow Wan Chan
The coach is excellent and very patient for the beginner swimmer.

FAQ on Flagship Classes

How often is the SwimSafer test conducted in the Flagship class?2018-05-15T18:24:25+08:00

For our Flagship class, we hold our test every Quarter. The dates generally fall on the 5th Saturday or Sunday of the month. The average progress for each level is nine months.

Students are constantly being assessed on their skill sets. Once your child is ready for a certain level, the coach will continue teaching your child the next level skills. Student progress is not solely based on certificates/awards achieved by the student.

How long will my child learn to swim in the Flagship class?2018-02-27T17:43:15+08:00

Each child has different exceptional abilities and confidence level in water.

In our flagship class, it takes an average of 10 months for a 6 year old (K2) child to be able to do basic swimming at the deep pool unaided.

This is based on a weekly lesson where the child does not skip practice. Older children may take shorter time learning to swim, but that depends on each individual student.

What age can my child join the Flagship classes?2018-02-27T17:42:24+08:00

For our flagship group class, the minimum age to join is 6 years old (K2) for now. Let us know if your child is below 6 years old but more than 110cm tall. The coach has to assess if he/she can join.

What is Flagship class?2018-02-27T17:51:00+08:00

Group classes taught by our in-house coaches. Only our flagship class offers a full structured programme ranging from beginner learn-to-swim classes to advanced lifesaving classes.

  1. Learn to swim (SwimSafer 2.0)
  2. Competitive (Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards)
  3. Lifesaving course (SLSS)

Flagship class are only available at Yishun and Sengkang currently.

Why should we choose the Flagship class?2018-05-15T18:24:25+08:00

We have a proprietary system that allows us to assist instructors in organising the class and tracking the progress of our students. With this system, your fee can be paid online, so we do not have to handle cash at the pool.

With this system and structured training programme in place, we are able to take a shorter time to train every student, compared to the past.

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