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Enjoy our free personalised service when you sign up for any kind of swimming lessons! We will match your preferred location, schedule and budget to our experienced instructors with NO additional fees!

Learning to swim is a fun experience, but finding the right instructor can be a hassle.

At Singapore Swimming Academy, we take the stress out of searching for the right instructors by matching you or your child to a suitable coach or class based on your preferences.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a coach

Full-time Coaches, Full-time commitment

Our instructors are certified by Sports Singapore and are qualified to teach the SwimSafer programme.

We take swimming safety very seriously. All certified coaches are well-versed in First Aid, CPR and advanced lifesaving techniques.

Our Flagship Swimming Classes

Flagship classes refers to group lessons led by our in-house experienced coaches. We strive to bring you or your child the best water experience with our fun, yet safe, swimming lessons.

Our Flagship Classes are currently only available at Yishun and Sengkang Swimming Complex.

All Other Classes in Singapore

We are affiliated with more than 50 swim schools and 300 experienced swimming coaches. You will be able to choose any of the 25 public swimming complexes in Singapore and get a coach or class match to you based on your location, schedule and budget

Click on the various locations below to find the most convenient swimming complexes.

4 Very Important Reasons to Learn Swimming

Live Longer, Feel Younger

Regular exercise helps everyone to be healthier for the long term. In a 17-year study, researchers discovered that those who exercised regularly outlived the less active by 43%. They also found out that it is never too late to turn back the clock.

Tests done on middle-aged women showed that they achieved the cardiovascular and metabolic abilities of women 16 years younger within 12 weeks of restarting regular exercises.

Look Fantastic and Healthy

Group exercise builds long-lasting friendships through a routine and common activity. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones at the swimming pool to enjoy bonding time together.

Swimming with a partner or group provides support and accountability. You will be committed to your routine and eventually, create a habit. Having a partner or group of friends also motivate you to pick up the pace for a tougher workout.

Build Supportive Friendships

Apart from reducing waistlines and improving posture, exercise can work wonders on the skin. It is said to clear acne and prevent wrinkles. Perspiring, for example, helps to unclog pores to lessen the severity of breakouts on the skin.

Swimming also promotes the production of collagen, which is necessary to maintain healthy skin.

Stress Relief And Relaxing

Your body produces endorphins (a feel-good brain chemical) and lesser hormones when you swim. It elevates the mood to give you a positive mindset for the day. Physical activities also have meditative effects, especially when you need to put aside your daily concerns to focus on your swimming techniques, and trains you to stay calm.

Studies found that active individuals experience fewer physical symptoms during periods of intense stress, when compared to less active individuals.

Our Caring & Friendly Coaches

CoachYong Quan

Testimonials & Reviews From Our Students!

During first trial 1.5 months back, my kid was scared of water and crying to quit. Coach Ong is very passionate about teaching kid. After the class, he purposely spent sometimes personally to bring my kid to go around the water splash in kids pool to help her overcome fear. Now, she is no more scare of water and enjoy learning to swim. Thanks and strongly recommend coach Ong in Singapore Swimming Academy!

Elvin Hau, Dad of Hau Tian Xin (6 years old)

Our experience with coaches of Singapore Swimming Academy is very impressive. They train kids in a professional and friendly way. My son when started learning swimming, he was very afraid of water but thanks to coach Lawrence very soon his fear was gone and started enjoying in water. My son is always exicted when its day for swimming. I have recommended Swimming Academy to many of my friends.

Jitendra Patel, Mum of Jagrut Patel (8 years old)

My Son used to have phobia of water. Even when bathing, he will struggle when water splashes on his face. After learning Swimming for a few months, he not only learnt different strokes, he enjoyed Swimming lessons and gain so much water confidence! Now he has been in the class for a year plus already and is still continuing because the Instructors are strict yet friendly and caring! They make sure my Son are taught the basics and build the foundation instead of pushing him to the next stage!

Rebecca, Mum of Gervin Gewi (6 years old)