Level 1 Group Class

from $468 per course

Private Lesson

from $250 per lesson

Beginner - Group class

Afraid of water?

If you have aqua phobia, this class is definitely not for you. Start off at a slower pace in our beginner group class, before joining this. If you want to join Total Immersion quickly, you should take up the beginner private lessons.
Beginner - Group class

Total Immersion

Coined by American swimming coach, Terry Laughlin, Total Immersion is favored by entry level swimmers, long distance triathletes and competitive swimmers. Total Immersion primarily focuses on efficiency. The 3 key components of attaining the Total Immersion technique are Balance, Streamlining and Propulsion

There are a total of 5 levels to the Total Immersion programme.

  1. Level 1: Freestyle Mastery Discovery
  2. Level 2: Freestyle Mastery Foundation
  3. Level 3: Easy Freestyle Mastery
  4. Level 4: Kaizen Freestyle Mastery
  5. Level 5: Ultimate Freestyle Mastery

Group Class

Level 1: Freestyle Mastery Discovery

You are encouraged to join the group class as you get to interact with other peers who are interested in Total Immersion as well. Some are learning in order to swim for the triathlon, and some to swim in long distance open water.

Bring a friend along to spur your interest. Join our Level 1 and upon graduation, you will receive a Total Immersion L1 graduation certification!

Class Venue

OSIM HQ Building
65 Ubi Avenue 1
Singapore 408939

Oxley Bizhub 2
62 Ubi Road 1 #08-07
Singapore 408734

Minimum requirement

  • 16 years old onwards
  • Must be able to swim frontcrawl


Our classes are scheduled usually on weekday night or weekends. To get latest schedule, please contact us below and we will email you the latest available vacancy.

Sign up now to receive a Swim Cap (Worth $12)

  • Swim Cap
  • Video analysis (Before and after)

  • Total Immersion L1 Completion T shirt
  • Total Immersion L1 graduation certification

only from $468 per course

Private lessons

Due to work timing like shift work, some students are unable to commit to the group class schedule. If you fall in this category, you should also consider enrolling for our private lessons.

In private lessons, you will receive full attention and coach will be able to tweak training just for you. Some do consider this a better value than the group class.


from only $250 per lesson

  • Swim Cap
  • Video analysis (Before and after)

  • Total Immersion L1 Completion T shirt
  • Total Immersion L1 graduation certification

  • 5 x 1.5 hours lesson ($250 per lesson)

Total: $1250


Swimming efficiently has allowed me to join the triathlon, and swimming in open water with full confidence.
Flynn Tang, 22
I really admire our course coach, Mr Tang. His teaching methods are marvelous!
Ling Shu Fen, 26
Training has finally paid off! I applied what we’ve learned and so far, I’m breaking my personal record after every practice!
Henry Tan, 44
My wife never believes that I can swim such distances because we are not young anymore. Thanks to Total Immersion, I can swim long distances before feeling tired!
Domininc Ang, 52