Post Circuit Breaker Phase 2 Updates – 22 June 2020

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In case you are unable to read the notice image, here is what it says:

Greetings to all students and parents! We are so excited to dive into the pool!

Most of you who read the news should be aware that the pools are opening, and that classes can resume with up to 5 students in a class. That is true, but there are many measurements and restrictions in place to prevent overcrowding and maintain safe distancing.

As there are limited slots available to resume classes in this phase, we regret to inform you that we are therefore unable to accommodate all students back during this phase. For the safety of the students and to fully benefit from the slots allocated to our coaches, we have to selectively invite students to resume lessons. Beginner students are unlikely to resume in this phase yet.

For the rest of the students who are unable to resume now, we need to monitor the COVID-19 situation which should be announced by the ministers in mid-July. We hope that the pandemic will be over and measures will be relaxed by then.

We are still in the midst of contacting and updating all students on the above information. Our staff has been working tirelessly behind the scene to coordinate this. For students who are unable to secure any slots, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you all soon!