During first trial 1.5 months back, my kid was scared of water and crying to quit. Coach Ong is very passionate about teaching kid. After the class, he purposely spent sometimes personally to bring my kid to go around the water splash in kids pool to help her overcome fear. Now, she is no more scare of water and enjoy learning to swim. Thanks and strongly recommend coach Ong in Singapore Swimming Academy!

Elvin Hau, Dad of Hau Tian Xin (6 years old)

My child is learning at Yishun swimming complex with Coach CK. He is very friendly and provides lesson at approximate pace. My son gained more swimming skills and confidence for the past one year.

Chow Chei Yen, Mum of Cayden S/O Person (9 years old)

Our experience with coaches of Singapore Swimming Academy is very impressive. They train kids in a professional and friendly way. My son when started learning swimming, he was very afraid of water but thanks to coach Lawrence very soon his fear was gone and started enjoying in water. My son is always exicted when its day for swimming. I have recommended Swimming Academy to many of my friends.

Jitendra Patel, Mum of Jagrut Patel (8 years old)

My daughter interested to go inside water after joining this class, Masters are keen to get the stidents learn swiming faster. Thank you Lawrrance and team.

Rajesh, Dad of Sanjithaa (5 years old)

Caezel learning at Yishun swimming complex with Coach Lucas. He is very kind and patient. She enjoyed and looking forward to the weekly swimming lesson.

Candice Chow, Mum of Caezel (7 years old)

My son enjoys his weekly lesson and no longer fearful of deep pool. He looks healthier now.

Forums Goh, Mum of Chang Kheng Hoe (11 years old)

My daughter is always looking forward to swimming class every Friday. She is now love swimming and do not afraid of water. Thanks to all the instructors for doing the good job.

Tan Poh Teck, Dad of Tan Yi Xin (7 years old)

After I brought Klara to swimming lessons, she start looking forward to every week swimming lesson with Coach Lawrence.
Always wanted to go early to the swimming pool to start her lessons,

Brandon Wu, Dad of Klara Wu (6 years old)

Jonathan started swimming lesson when he was 3.5 yo. But no significant improvement on the skills until we put him under coach lawrence care when he was 6.5yo. Now jonathan has passed his stage 3 and 4 swim test. The coaches at swimming academy respects each child’s need and ability. Each child who passed certain level will be given different swimming cap so the child has confidence and looking fwd to next level. Now each week jonathan looking fwd his swimming lesson and target for next stage. We are so proud of his achievement and confidence. Thank you coach lawrence,freddy and teams.

Yuliana Tjioe, Mum of Jonathan Edward Sinarta (7 years old)

Ally had bad experience with water before and had avoided water since. She got her confidence back with the paitence guidance from coach Lawrence. She is now a confident swimmer, love the water and enjoy her lessons with the other coaches. THANK YOU COACHES!

Lian Fei, Mum of Ally Ang (10 years old)

The lessons were effective and professionally carried out. My son is already swimming around confidently after the intial basic lessons. He is always eager and looking forward to the weekly session.

Alan Ang, Dad of Dylan Ang (11 years old)

Javion is not fearful about going down the water already! I hope he can join me to swim laps in the pool.

Jonas Wang, Dad of Javion Lucas Cheng (7 years old)

After Thenral started attended the swimming classes she lost her fear of swimming. She has even taught me(father) some skills and strokes that even I don’t really know at all. I am really impressed on how fast she learnt all these skills and strokes 1 year. Now whenever people asks me where to join swimming classes, I would recommend this one as it is really useful and helpful. I thank Coach Ryan for teaching Thenral swimming and made her fear of swimming fade away.

R. Sivaramanathan, Dad of Thenral (8 years old)

He love to swim and happy with achievement

Htin Zaw Minn, Mum of Nan Da L Minn (10 years old)

Now she not afraid water and love to swim

Htin Zaw Minn, Mum of Su Yee Minn (7 years old)

My child now is very happy to learned swimming lesson, her coach is very patient to my daughter, but she learned a little bit slowly. We are satisfied and happy, thank you!

Heng Song Chua, Mum of Joey Heng (6 years old)

My Son used to have phobia of water. Even when bathing, he will struggle when water splashes on his face. After learning Swimming for a few months, he not only learnt different strokes, he enjoyed Swimming lessons and gain so much water confidence! Now he has been in the class for a year plus already and is still continuing because the Instructors are strict yet friendly and caring! They make sure my Son are taught the basics and build the foundation instead of pushing him to the next stage!

Rebecca, Mum of Gervin Gewi (6 years old)

Coach Ryan and Fraddie are very passionate coaches and all children loves him.

Gabriel enjoys Swimming lesson and always looking forward to it.

Jennifer Yew, Mum of Gabriel Tan (11 years old)

Coach Freddie is very friendly towards kids. My son feels very comfortable with him.From last 2 months he has been learning from coach Ryan and happy to say he is also very good coach who teaches with fun…my son enjoys his class very much.

Rashmi, Mum of Sarthak (9 years old)

Coach are very motivasional when it comes to Yusrrayn. Given him loads of encouragement. Yusrrayn always have fun during lessons, always learning alot and shows alot of improvement weeks after weeks! Thank you Coaches!

Farhana, Mum of Yusrrayn Yusof (6 years old)

My son said the coach is good. Teached many skills. He feel fun and happy when go swimming lesson. He like swimming very much!

To Hong Ling, Dad of To Tian En (9 years old)

He can swim like his brother now. Well done coach. Wish both of them keep practise and learn from coach. Thanks!

To Hong Ling, Dad of To Tian You (7 years old)

My daughter learn swimming at Sengkang pools for 1.5rs, she was under coach Jackson , he was a very nice coach with patience for kids, my daughter is very happy to learn from him. Meanwhile she also encounter coach Lawrence who is very patience with children too. My Son used to learn Swimming with them too and he have progress very fast . He have learn from coach Lawrence, coach Freddie, Coach Lucas and coach Ryan, all the coach are very patient with children.

See Ling Ling, Mum of Natalie Tan (8 years old)

The coaches are very encouraging n Aqil really enjoyed his class and had became more water confident n able to beat his own record every week. He is getting better n better.

Nur Liyana Tan, Mum of Noor Aqil (13 years old)

Arif have more water confidence n really enjoyed n always look forward to his weekly lesson.

Nur Liyana Tan, Mum of Noor Arif (10 years old)

My daughter , Veronica Wang learns swimming at Yishun Swimming Complex. She is very interested in swimming and always look forward to her swimming lessons on Saturday . Thanks to Coach Freddie and Coach Zhen Hao for their patient and professional coaching . I would recommend them to my friends .

Verlyn Low, Mum of Veronica Wang (13 years old)

My 3 kids had their first swim lesson at Yishun complex with coach Lawrence. All of my kids have fear in the pool but Lawrence was very patient and took time to explain and teach. He guided them through techniques like strokes, breathing, and basic strokes. My kids always love his swimming lesson.

Rachel Ter, Mum of Luken Seow (6 years old)

Coach Lawrence and Coach Freddie are really great coaches. My son enjoys his lessons with them. They are really good with kids and I would recommend them to anyone.

Survinder Kaur, Mum of Nevneil Singh (6 years old)

My daughter Meha was coached by Freddie at Anchorvale swimming complex. She has successfully completed her gold in swim safers. My son Neev is currently being coached by Lawrence. Both father son duo are extremely good coaches and are very patient in teaching. They both give individual attention to kids. Happy that they coach my kids.

Mrs Bhavani Masurekar, Mum of Neev Masurekar (6 years old)

Learning is fun with Coach Ryan who is patient and makes lessons enjoyable. My Son looks forward to his next lesson always. Thank u coach Ryan!

Bonnie Loh, Mum of Chayce Goh (11 years old)