Curious about what swimming can do for you? Dive into the benefits and see why taking the plunge is totally worth it!

In today’s stressful and fast paced life, it is very easy to neglect yourself and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. However, in order to live an optimum and happy life, it is essential to pay attention to your fitness, health, and overall wellbeing. After all, it has been rightly said that “Health is Wealth”. Introducing a regular exercise regime into your daily life can benefit you in more ways than one.

General Benefits of Swimming

Beginning your day with some exercise can help you to feel fit and energetic all day, freeing your mind and body from all feelings of lethargy, sadness and negativity.
Exercising regularly builds up endurance and stamina as well as severely reduces the risk of diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, obesity, & heart diseases.

Following an exercise regime helps in regulating sleep patterns, reduces stress and assists in improving metabolism, thus burning more calories.
Exercise builds up a fit and well toned body that looks good and feels great.

Exercising is not an option. Rather, it is a necessity for those who want to live a happy, balanced, and disease-free life.

Swimming Is a Great Form of Exercise

Though there are a number of exercises that one can try out such as walking, cycling, weight lifting, and running etc, swimming tops the list as a full body workout that is safe, satisfying and enjoyable, all at the same time.

Benefits of Swimming

No matter what your exercising goals maybe, swimming will meet them all. Besides meeting the recreation needs of the entire family and providing relief from the summer heat, swimming offers the following benefits for individuals of all age groups

Why Knowing How To Swim Is Important?

For Adults:

  1. Swimming provides unparalleled exercise to the complete body, thus toning the body and building up muscle strength.
  2. Regular swimming improves the functioning of the heart as it has to pump more blood to all parts of the body, thus improving circulation and strengthening the cardiac muscles.
  3. As opposed to other heavier forms of exercise, swimming is non weight bearing & burns much more calories without putting undue pressure on joints etc. It is thus, good for people who are suffering from minor injuries and even pregnant ladies (consult your doctor.)
  4. For those who indulge in heavier workouts, swimming provides a wholesome warming up session.
  5. It is a proven fact that swimming improves the functioning of the lungs and promotes proper breathing. Hence, it is especially good for people suffering from asthma and other breathing problems.
  6. Knowing how to swim improves personal safety.
  7. Besides benefiting the body, swimming can soothe and relax the mind, taking away all the stress and tensions.

For Children, Infants & Toddlers:

  1. Swimming is not just good for adults. It is also beneficial for the little ones as it promotes growth and mental stimulation while providing a fun time to bond with parents and other kids.
  2. Babies have shown a tendency to become completely relaxed while in water.
  3. Swimming promotes muscular development and flexibility in children.
  4. Children who are given swimming lessons grow up with the confidence and knowledge that they have a necessary skill that provides them personal safety.
  5. Swimming makes kids much more social.
  6. Providing swimming lessons to babies, toddlers and children removes any fear of water that may develop, early on.
  7. It can be concluded that Swimming is not just a fun sport; it is also an extremely beneficial form of exercise that can add years to your life by keeping you fit and healthy.