You might already know that cardio exercises is one of the imperatives to lose weight.

However, if you have been relying on exercises such as running, you should probably give swimming a try.

Why Is Swimming Effective?

As water is around 800 times more dense than air, every movement that you made while swimming is like an additional resistance workout for your entire body.

As a result, not only calories are burnt during swimming, more lean muscles are also built during the process.

This means that you are burning more calories even while you are resting. Isn’t that great?!

Less Injury – Compared To Other Sports

In addition, you are essentially weightless while you are in water. Hence, swimming does not cause the strain and injury that one would sustain from running, which is a very common problem for people who are trying to lose weight through frequent running sessions.

Swim And Watch Your Diet

By swimming front crawl for 500m, you would be able to burn 150 kcal easily, which is the equivalence of a light meal.

Coupled with proper calorie management, you would definitely be able to see results after you incorporate swimming as part of your weekly exercise routine.

Do interval training if you would like to burn more calories (i.e. swim as fast as you can for a lap, swim at a relaxed pace for the next lap and repeat).

Fun Fact in Swimming

Do you know that wearing a swim cap can help to increase your swimming speed This is because it reduces drag and resistance, making you more hydrodynamic swimming through water.