Flagship SwimSafer Test

Flagship SwimSafer Test2019-11-29T13:36:03+08:00

Upcoming test
29 December 2019

Sengkang Swimming Complex
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What if I am not able to go for 29 December test?
Next test: 29 March 2020
You can only book in March 2020

With the FAQ below, we can address some concerns from parents who are anxious about their child’s progress.

My child’s cap states Stage 2. Why is he not going for Stage 2 test?2018-07-10T18:40:23+08:00

When your child is ready for Stage 1, we will present him a Stage 2 cap. If you look closely, it states that he/she is “Training for Stage 2”. This applies for all levels. If your child is ready for Stage 6 Gold, he will get a Red cap instead.

My child’s test was XX months ago, why is he still not ready for the next test?2018-07-10T17:53:34+08:00

The average progress is 9 months according to our SwimSafer 1.0 period. For SwimSafer 2.0, we do not have an average yet.

You can ask your child as the coach will usually tell him/her where they need improvement. From our experience, your child will usually not convey the message to you. If you want to know what your child is weak at, please ask his/her coach directly during lessons and they will let you know.

My elder child started off with Stage 3. Why do you start with Stage 1 now?2018-07-10T17:43:55+08:00

In SwimSafer 1.0 syllabus, SwimSafter Stage 1 & 2 were very simple therefore we moved directly to Stage 3.

With the improvement in Syllabus requirement, we no longer need to skip Stage 1 & 2 anymore.

How long is the duration of each test?2023-07-24T16:12:47+08:00

All test will take an average of 30mins depending on the number of students participating.

What are the SwimSafer requirements?2018-07-10T17:29:50+08:00

The SwimSafer requirements are available at SwimSafer.com.sg.

We have a compact version available below. If you need more information, please return back to the original site.

Will my child’s progress be affected if they do not take the test?2018-07-10T17:39:47+08:00

This test is optional, and will not affect the progress of your child. Our coach conduct regular assessment of our students and upgrade their Swim Cap when they meet the skill requirement. This is considered an internal grading and no certificate will be given.

Are my kids ready for test?2018-07-10T18:23:02+08:00

If your child is ready for any test, you will see a “Book” button in the “Progress” menu.

What clothing to wear for SwimSafer test?2024-04-09T08:24:26+08:00

Read up here on clothing to wear for SwimSafer programme. The coach has been constantly reminding students to bring clothing in preparation for their test.

In brief, here is what to bring:

Stage 1, 2, 3 &  4 Bronze – T-shirt & shorts
Stage 5 Silver & Stage 6 Gold – T-shirt & long pants

What to bring for test?2018-07-10T15:18:19+08:00

Just the usual swimwear, cap, goggles and their clothing.

Steps to book for SwimSafer test2018-07-10T17:37:07+08:00

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