• My name Josiah. Thank you coach for helping me to swim

    - Josiah Lau

       Thu 6.00pm, Yishun

  • My name is Jeriel. Thank you Coach Paul for teaching me swimming.

    - Jeriel Lau (5yo)

       Thu 6.00pm, Yishun

  • Amazing swimming techniques and the coaches are very dedicated and pay personal attention to each n every child. ???? Recommend and I am glad to make my child join here. His learning curve has a lot of progress and he is learning fast.

    - Adit Sourya Mohanty (10yo)

       Fri 6.00pm, Yishun

  • Dear, Coaches Thank you for the patience in teaching me swimming. I’ve enjoyed every lesson with all the coaches.

    - Elton Koh (8yo)

       Fri 3.45pm, Yishun

  • Happy Coach Day! Thank you for the dedication to ensure the kids enjoy swimming :)

    - Chloe Ng (8yo) & Claire (6yo)

       Sun 10.30am, Yishun

  • HAPPY COACHES' DAY! Thank you for guiding us! ????????

    - Zakariya (8yo)

       Sun 9.45am, Yishun

  • Dear Coach, HAPPY COACHES' DAY! Thank you for all your patience and hard work you have for us.

    - Genesis Loh (8yo)

       Sat 9.45am, Yishun

  • Thank you Coach Freddie for teaching me swimming...... Happy Coach Day!!????‍♀️????

    - Lucas Ong (7yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Thank you Coach Freddie for teaching me how to swim. I can swim better because of you teaching me how to swim. Happy Coaches' Day!

    - Karen Tan Zi Wei (7yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Dear Coach Ong, thank you for teaching me. Now I can go inside the water and blow bubbles. Happy Coaches' Day!

    - Tan Han Sen (4yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Hi, My name is Naurah. I am eight years old. I have been attending swimming lesson son every Saturday at 1.30pm at Yishun swimming complex.

    I would like to say a big thank you to Coach Jordan for guiding me for the past one and a half years. I hope you like this short video clip that I have done for you.

    Happy Coaches' Day, Coach Jordan!

    - Naurah Kaiyisah Binte Husen (8yo)

       Sat 1.30pm, Yishun

  • Thank you Coach Lawrence, Coach Freddie & Coach Paul, thank you for teaching me. You guys pushed me further than I thought I could go. ????

    - Ayra Elvina Natisha (6yo)

       Sat 430pm, Sengkang

  • Thank you coach Freddie for teaching us how to swim. Thank you for being patience with us. Happy Coach Day! I love you teacher Freddie!❤️❤️

    - Gideon (8yo) & Elisha (5yo)

       Sun 4.30pm, Sengkang

  • Thank you Coach Freddie! Thank you for your time, dedication and effort in coaching me. I enjoy attending your swimming classes. ????????‍♀️

    - Miranda (8yo)

       Sat 430pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Happy Coaches’ Day! Dear Coach Lawrence, you are a really kind teacher and thank you for teaching me new swimming. Thank you for always being by my side when I am struggling. I hope that you will have a great day ahead! ????????

    - Shoban Kumar Riya (10yo)

       Mon 5.45pm, 1 Canberra

  • happycoachesday45

    Hi Coach Ong and Paul, thank you for your patience in teaching me how to swim

    - Hau Yi Chen

       Sun 4.30pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday44

    Happy Coach's Day! We enjoyed swimming lessons on every Saturday!!Thanks!

    - Hayley Chang (8yo) & Hayden Chang (8yo)

       Sat 2.15pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday43

    Coach Ken is extremely patient and care towards Jun Ru. As Jun Ru is slow learner and scared of water, yet Coach Ken follows Jun Ru’s pace and encourages him in the class. I can see alots of smile from Jun Ru during class. Thank you Coach Ken and Happy coach’s day to all Yishun Swimming Coach! ????????????

    - Li Jun Ru

       Sun 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Dear coach CK, Thank you for your efforts to teach all of us swimming! I know teaching swimming is hard but you persevered and taught us all the different strokes that helped in my swimming journey! I still have a long way to go, but you and your way of teaching will always stay in my heart! Happy coaches’ day!!

    - Nethra Priyan (11yo)

       Fri 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday42

    Happy Coaches'Day! Thank you for coaching us.

    - Gavin (11yo) & Sherlene Tan (7yo)

       Sat 9.00am, Yishun

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Coach Jonathan! Happy Coach’s Day! Many thanks for teaching me ❤️

    - Kaung Pyae Ko


  • happycoachesday41

    We are so grateful my daughter and my son have the chance to learn from a great teacher like you.

    - Lucas Jimmy (9yo)

       Sat 6.45pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday40

    Dear coach Freddie, Thank you for teaching me swimming, your class is very interesting, I love the way you teach and I have lots of fun during your class. Happy Coaches’ Day!

    - Ethan Ong (5yo)

       Sun 4.30pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday39

    Dear coach Ong. thank you for teaching me swimming, you helped me overcome my fear of water and found the joy of swimming. Happy Coaches’ Day!

    - Ethan Ong (5yo)

       Sun 4.30pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday38

    Thank you Coach Paul for being patient with me every week and for showing me how to better my strokes.

    - Razyq (6yo)

       Thu 5:15pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday36

    Thank you Coach Freddie for being patient with me every week and pushing me to do better.

    - Ryhan (10yo)

       Thu 5.15pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday35

    Thanks for the coaching, my boy was a bit scared. The coaching always hold his body when is coaching. Now he is not scared, and very enjoy to play water.

    - Travis Zhang

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Happy coaches day to Coach Freddie & Coach Chun Kang. Thanks for your patience & advice in guiding me to swim well.. ????

    - Jarom Soo (9yo)

       Thu 3.45pm, SengKang

  • Happycoachesday34

    Aidan is thankful to Coach Ong & Coach Jonathan for their effort when coaching him. Their passion to teach increases his passion to learn. ????????

    - Aidan Ardani Bin Hasrizal (7yo)

       Wed 6.00pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday33

    Dear Coach Johnathan, I would like to say a big thank you for your guidance and you are never angry at me when I was forgetting the technique on how to swim correctly and you are always patient with me. Thank you coach.

    - Lam Yu Ting (6yo)

       Wed 6.00pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday32

    Thank you coach, because of you I am not scared of water anymore and I know how to swim.

    - Alena Lim (7yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday31

    Happy Coaches' Day to my Coach Ryan and to all the Coaches!! Thank you Coach Ryan for your patience and your motivation towards me. Stay Happy and Healthy!!

    - Shirlene Tan (9yo)

       Sat 215pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday30

    Thank You, Coach Yong Quan, Ryan and Jordan for being Great Swimming Coach since I started to learn how to swim till now. ???? HAPPY COACH DAY! ????

    - Tang Fook One (10yo)

       Sat 3:00pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday29

    Happy Coaches' Day, Coach Yong Quan! <3

    - Stella (10yo) & Stacy (7yo)

       Thu 6.30pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Dear Coach Ryan, I am Johan Tan, who participated in your swimming class before COVID-19. Today, I went to the swimming pool to relax, and I saw you coaching the students on how to swim. This brought back memories, where I remember you as a humorous person. I always look forward to your classes that make me feel relaxed every time. Even when I was training for the SSPA, I still remember the encouragement you gave me. Although I am not in the swimming class anymore due to CCA commitment, I will remember what you have given to me. Thank you and Happy Coach Day :)

    - Johan Tan


  • happycoachesdaycover

    Thank you, *Coach Freddie* for your guidance in past 2 years. Wishing you a ???? *HAPPY COACHES' DAY* !????

    - Tan Xin Rui (10yo)

       Thu 5.15pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday27

    Thank you, Coach Ong, for helping me learn how to swim. Your patience, encouragement, and commitment to my progress have not only made me a better swimmer but also a more confident individual. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you've invested in me.

    Thank you for being an amazing coach and for inspiring me to strive for excellence in the pool. Your influence will stay with me as I continue my swimming journey.

    - Latifah (4 yo)

       Fri 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesdaycover

    My daughter is now with coach Ryan. He is patient,fun and flexible. My daughter enjoys learning from him.

    - Thiri Kyaw Swar Moe (11 yo)

       Sat 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday22

    Best wishes to our amazing swimming coach! Your expertise and encouragement in the pool are greatly valued. Here's to many more strokes of success!

    - Nethran Venkatesh Kumar (7yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday21

    Dear Coach Paul,

    Thank you for your patience in teaching me. I can swim confidently now. I can't wait to learn more from you! I went to Sabah and I did snorkeling! I saw fishes, corals and turtles. It was so fun because I know I can swim. All thanks to you coach!

    ♡ Shakirin

    - Shakirin (7yo)

       Thu 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday20

    Thanks Coach Paul for teaching me patiently! I enjoy my swimming class every Thursday!

    - Kaylie Go (7yo)

       Thu 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday19

    Dear Coach Jonathan, thank you for teaching me how to swim better. I am blessed to have a great swim teacher like you. Thank you for your hard work, kindness and patience. ???? God bless you!!!

    - Esther Koh (8yo)

       Wed 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday18

    Dear Coach Mr Ong, Happy Coaches's Day!!!???? Thank you for teaching me how to swim better during stage one. Your guidance has help me to swim better. Thank you for your hard work, kindness and patience. God bless you!!!

    - Esther Koh (8 yo)

       Wed 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Thank you to Coach Freddie and his team for the patience and dedication in teaching me how to swim. I really enjoy going to my swimming lesson each week.

    - Ong Jun Kai (9yo)

       Sat 9.45am, Yishun

  • happycoachesdaycover

    Dear Coaches, thank you for your patience and guidance in coaching us. Coach Chua and Coach Jonathan are our current coaches - well liked but we will never forget our foundation coaches as well when we first started coach Yong Quan and Coach Freddie. Personal thanks to coach Johnathan for his extreme dedication. Both kids throughly enjoy being coached by him.

    - Jeslene (8yo) & Dillon (12yo)

       Sat 9.00am, Yishun

  • happycoachesday17

    Happy Coach's Day! Thank you Coach Ryan for teaching me how to swim in the water. :)

    - Li SiCheng (9yo)

       Sat 9.00am, Yishun

  • happycoachesday16

    Thank you Coach Ong and Coach Nas for teaching me how to swim and rewarding me with a lolipop after each session.

    - Mohd Azfar (5yo)

       Sat 10.30am, Yishun

  • happycoachesday15

    Happy coach day to all coaches in SSA! Thank you coach Chun Kang for your patience & willingness to teach me new swim styles. Sometimes you give extra lesson even when time is up to make sure I swim the correct way. You are humorous and I love your jokes. Without your guidance, I would not have progress until now????????

    - Kayston (11yo)

       Sun 3pm, Sengkang

  • happycoachesday13

    Thank you Coach Freddie for your good advice and guidance! Love, Jayvan

    - Jayvan Ow (10 yo)

        Mon 5.45pm, 1 Canberra

  • happycoachesday11

    Dear Coach Ryan, I am filled with pride to see the remarkable progress make under your guidance. Thank you!

    - Javier Tham (8yo)

       Sat 10.30am, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday6

    Happy National Coach, Singapore Swimming Academy! Thanks for teaching! You’re the best COACHES!

    - Aldon Tan (10yo) & Terry Tan (15yo)

       Sat 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday8

    To Coach Yong Quan and all the Super Coaches of Singapore Swimming Academy @Yishun Swimming Complex…Happy Coaches' Day!

    - Taqiyyah & Hanisah

       Fri 3.45pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachesday7

    Dear Coach, thank you for being such a good coach!

    - Alvin Kong (12yo)

       Sat 6.45pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachesday5

    Happy Coaches' Day, Coach Freddie! Thank you for being the perfect mix of *F*ocus *R*apport *E*nthusiasm *D*edication *D*iscipline *I*nspiration & *E*xcitement!

    - Ethan (9yo) & Sean (8yo)

       Mon 6.30pm, 1 Canberra

  • happycoachesday1

    Coach Freddie guided my grandchild, Shanice. He's super patience and very good coach! Thank you!

    - Shanice (10yo)

       Sun 5.15pm, Sengkang

  • Happycoachday3

    Thank you, Coach Ong and Coach Jonathan for teaching me how to swim. I can now go swimming or water theme park when my parents bring me overseas for holiday. Happy Teachers' Day to you!

    - Eyuna (10yo)

       Tue 4.30pm, Yishun

  • Happycoachday4

    Thank you, Coach Yong Quan! Happy Teachers' Day to you!

    - Cody (12yo)

       Tue 4.30pm, Yishun

  • happycoachesday2

    Thank you, Coach Freddie & Coach Lawrence for guiding me how to swim and I enjoyed going for lessons. Happy Teachers' day!

    - Brayden (7yo)

       Thu 4.30pm, Yishun