Incredible Journey Since 1978

Coach Lawrence started his journey as a swimming coach in 1978. With a burning passion for the sport and a desire to teach, he set out to impart his knowledge of swimming to others. This was the humble beginning of the Singapore Swimming Academy. Starting from scratch, Coach Lawrence single handedly managed all teaching responsibilities along with administrative tasks. Despite the challenges, his dedication never wavered, as he was driven by his commitment to his students and the sport of swimming. In his care, he has mentored more than 30 swimming coaches in Singapore.

323 instructors, and counting

Fast forward to 2008, we have emerged as the premier destination for professional swimming lessons in Singapore, commanding a prestigious team of more than 323 certified instructors, and still growing. Our programs accommodate all public and private pools throughout Singapore, reflecting our commitment to providing quality swimming lessons within our student’s convenience.

We Tailor Our Schedule to Your Convenience

Understanding the varying schedules of our students, our dedicated coordinators actively work to plan your classes at the most opportune time for you or your child. We strive to seamlessly integrate our swimming lessons into your lifestyle, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning and progress.

Certified Instructors for Quality Swim Education

Each member of our esteemed instructor team holds certification from Sport Singapore, the leading authority on sports in the nation. Their comprehensive training and dedication to their profession ensure that our students receive only the highest quality swimming lessons.

Structured Progress through the SwimSafer Programme

We are proud to implement the SwimSafer programme in our academy, offering structured and gradual progression for your child’s swimming skills. This nationally recognised programme ensures that learners acquire crucial water safety skills, efficient swimming techniques, and survival procedures, earning recognition from all schools in Singapore.

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