Kids Group Class

Learn to swim at Bellewaters Condo with our team of coaches. Our coaches are all certified under National Registry of Coaches and are well trained with kids.

At Bellewaters, we will offer group swimming classes for kids and private lessons for both kids and adults.

SwimSafer™ Programme
Look at our SwimSafer syllabus and you will notice that it is broken down into 6 stages for progressive learning. We teach according to the SwimSafer™ programme and our certificates are recognised by all MOE schools.

We promise a smooth swimming journey for your child to enjoy the water while learning with us!

Group Class

  • 45min lesson
  • Weekly lesson
  • SwimSafer™

Private Lessons – Kids and Adults

Private lessons are popular. Neighbourhood kids coming together will enjoy each other’s company while parents will enjoy savings at the same time.

Adults and students find a zen lifestyle, balancing their precious time with their family right in their own backyard.


for 1 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 2 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 3 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson


for 4 students
  • 4 lesson package
  • 45min lesson